online slot types

Online Slots Types

With the growing popularity of slots, the number of their types is multiplying, both in ordinary casinos and in their online versions.

Classic slots:

3 reels and one prize line.

Growing slots:

In growing slots, the prize grows along with the number of bets, but after the victory, the amount of the win is reset to the initial one.

Bonus Slots:

This variant has bonuses for certain combinations of the dropped symbols. A bonus, for example, can be a free spin.

Regular slots with a multiplier:

The type of slots that does not imply bonuses for the maximum bet. This type is for those who do not want to make the maximum bets on every attempt.

Bonus slots with a multiplier:

They are very different from the previous species. In this type of slots, you can get an additional bonus for the maximum bet. Often, these slot machines stipulate the maximum bet for the jackpot.

Five reel slots:

Unlike regular slots, these have 5 reels and therefore can have from 5 to 21 paylines.

From lots with multiple prize lines:

The same slot machines have a huge number of prize lines, from 9 to infinity.

Choose the slot that has the highest payouts for cheap and average combinations, as you will receive them most of the time. In this case, your money will live much longer. And to become a better player, it is a good idea to learn the basics. Jackpot odds are monstrously small, while cheap combinations almost always come up. It is worth examining all the slot machines in the casino before choosing a specific one, so you can make your gaming life easier.

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